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Newsletter - June 2011

Posted: Wed, 29/06/2011 - 08:56


Our first press release has helped the Project established contact with the British Journal of Nursing and an 800 word opinion style article will appear in the July issue which is focussing on Continence Care.

Devices for Dignity

The Project has been contacted by Devices for Dignity (D4D), a UK Healthcare Technology Co-operative whose remit is to “drive forward innovative new products, processes and services to help people with debilitating conditions preserve their dignity and independence”. They are hosted and mostly funded by the National Healthcare Service and based in Sheffield.

They are currently investigating the needs of urinary catheter users to ultimately improve comfort, reduce infection or blockage, and improve their quality of life.

Obviously, 21ccp is very happy to support this initiative and their questionnaire which is at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7Z2CJYD.

Can you help?

In addition to our need for articles based on the personal experiences of catheter users, the project would be grateful for practical assistance. There are opportunities to attend conferences, exhibitions and shows which we are not able to take up at the moment.

With extra support, we can improve our publicity materials, and promulgate our message to a wider audience very quickly.

Two examples are given by Committee member Janet Blannin:

  1. The Association of Continence Advisers had their annual conference on the 8th & 9th of May where our poster was displayed and received considerable interest from the delegates although no one spoke about the project. Janet thought that next time we must attend.
  2. Janet met with North Somerset Continence Advisors who were very supportive of our project and even suggested ways to improve our communications. Janet suggests more of this type of meeting would help us raise awareness of the issues and the Project.

Political News

In the UK, the NHS Reorganisation Bill made its much heralded return to the House of Commons.

One significant point for the Project is the duty of hospital specialities to carry out research. While the exact nature of this duty is not clear, the Project is looking at the possibility of contacting every UK urology department to point out that an improved Foley catheter design would benefit their patients most.

21ccp Website

As I write we have 40 registered supporters. We obviously have a lot of work to do! Even more disappointing is the number of completed questionnaires – less than 10 of each kind.

Thankfully, we have had some interesting discussions on the forum, from ISC users in particular.

There have been some logging in problems too. If you login on the home page and then see “Howdy Stranger” on the Forum page please let me know via the Contact page. When I had this difficulty, logging in via the Forum solved the issue.

 Project Communications

In the beginning, The Project used a free weebly website and a freeforum. These have been removed from the internet, along with our old Yahoo email address.

Peter Chilcott, Website Administrator